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  • Profile picture of Roland Kissling Roland Kissling said 5 years, 3 months ago:

    Hi this is my first suggestion – you are welcome to add points or re-formulate!

    1. General
    Respect & Freedom for all humans
    Open creativity and the natural desire to support and make a difference

    2. Democracy & Internationalization
    governmental efficiency improved
    Boundary free: everybody can move without restriction
    International cooperation, especially in politics & science
    Natural ressources shall be distributed equally
    Participation: Develop online-platforms where people can easily vote about local political decisions
    Include more and more experts into political decisions
    Simplify and reduce laws and rules
    Cooperation of armed forces

    3. Social & Environment
    Low basic salary for all humans, higher contributions from top earners.
    Colorfur, playful, humorous
    More kids, and give them a voice
    Green, more nature
    Downsizing: Be happier and more free with less
    Free offers for psychological support, body movement, creativity – already in schools
    Recreation areas everywhere in public
    Create cheap room for living
    Support for art performances in general (Music, dance, painting,..)

    4. Education
    A new education system based on basic skills in reading/writing and coaching and support of personal strenghts and interests
    Teach children conflict solution and creativity methods

    5. Nature
    Respecting nature and her ressources
    Less cars, support for walking and bicycles
    Include costs of rycycling and environmental damages into product prices (no more 10.000km yoghurts)
    Invest massively into research for new energy technologies, especially propulsion systems
    Reduction of waste, improvement of recycling.

    6. Economy
    Taxes should be as low and as simple as possible, no escape for big companies
    Complete transparency for all big companies with public importance, especially weapon, money, pharma companies.
    Support for new communication technologies
    Support of cooperatives

    7. Health:
    support for alternative therapies with scientific funds & approval.
    Free access to medical support for everybody
    Big international research centers