Künstler: Ernst Gruber
Name of the association: Weltmenschverein – Verein zur Förderung des Friedens unter den Menschen

Abstract: “Weltmenschverein” (or “earth’s people society” in english or “Dünya Insani Birligi” in turkish) is a non-profit association in the service of all humans. Everyone can easily become a member, for a one-time donation or a yearly subscription.
We appreciate local circles of our members, which are currently arising in Vienna (Austria), Budapest (Hungaria), Frankfurt (Germany) and Brasil. Please visit our forum to get in contact with member-circles and interested people. Within our groups, everyone can initiate activities from collecting contributions to voluntary service.
Furthermore, we are currently organising task-forces to discuss various topics from world responsibility to high-technologie issues on a scientific level.

Board: Memet Zeki Metin (President), Prof. Michel Cullin (Vize-president), Mag. Josef Schelling (Finanzen)

Statuten: statuten081104.pdf [106 KB]

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