Goals of earth’s people society

handsrolandAt the end of his book “dunya insani birigli” (Earth’s people society) Zeki Metin writes about his vision of all humans living together in peace. We share his vision and look forward to finally see and feel this great future: honesty and peace within all humans, and peace between all humans – in actions and thoughts.

1. Earth: Faith
Various religions and sects tend to fanatism and intolerance. Leaders encourage their people in the poor beliefs, that they are better than others. The members of earth’s people society belong to various religions – and stick up for freedom of religion. We see only positive things in the centre of each religion: Love for the world, for god and our fellow human beings. Earth’s people are thinking positive and follow their own conscience only.

2. Earth: Nationalism
Nationalism leads to a lack of understanding, conflicts and finally war between nations. Members of earth’s people society are world-nationalists. They try to understand and get to know and appreciate all humans, regardless of colour, culture or religion.

3. Earth: Democracy.
There are a lot of cruel dictatorships in the world. Earth’s people society develops one constitution for all nations, based on values of democracy and human rights – Step by step, on a voluntary basis.

4. Earth: Language
Most conflicts come from a lack of understanding, leading to insecurity and fear about each other. We are thinking about establishing a single language for the whole world, based on a technical or psychological medium.

5. Earth: Peace
There’s a lot of violence in the world: starting within our families, our societies and between nations. Earth’s people are working for peace and stand up against injustice and violence. We especially see the danger of big armies and weapon-systems on our earth and in outer space.

6. earth: health
The pureness of water, air and earth ist essencial for the health of all humans. Earth’s people protect nature, food and water. They work for a better health-system, which cares for the human in a holistic way.

7. earth: technology-control
Not everything that we are able to develop serves to our best. Earth’s people are looking for better control-mechanisms regarding nuclear power, gene-technology and surveillance-networks. Technology serves people, not the other way round.

8. earth: world-justice
Knowledge, money and food are distributed very unequal. We care that all people finally get enough resources to live without hunger and fear. We spent money and various help. A non-commercial fund shall assist developing countries in their activities for freedom and wealth.

9. world: brothers and sisters
All humans are having the same value, regardless wich colour, language, gender, health, age, status or religion. We treat other humans with love, respect and tolerance.

10. earth: holiday
One time a year, on November 10th, we celebrate the unity of all humans. This day is the day to practice forgiveness, end conflicts, help others and to be happy. The first earth-holiday will take place in Vienna 2007, the next in Istanbul 2008. And then every year in a different country, following the alphabet.

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